The Great Galactic War, was a war between the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic, lasting nearly 30 years. The conflict was ultimately the culmination of a 1300-year grudge held by survivors of the old Sith Empire against the Republic for their defeat in the Great Hyperspace War.

The war cost countless lives and devastated worlds from the Core to the Rim, as well as having dramatic galactic consequences otherwise. The Republic economy was shattered and over half the galaxy would end up under Sith dominion, but it would not ultimately be conclusive. While a strategic defeat for the Republic, the end of the war left both powers standing, engaged in an undeclared conflict for supremacy on numerous disputed worlds.

The terms of the punitive Treaty of Coruscant called for an immediate cease-fire and the withdrawal of all Republic and Jedi forces from battlefields across the galaxy. As the Treaty went into effect, worlds once allied with the Republic were left defenseless, and were quickly absorbed by the Empire. Coruscant was also placed under the rule of the Sith Empire. All this effectively ended the Great Galactic War.

As the few remaining Jedi returned to their ruined temple on Coruscant, they were met by anger on the part of the Senate, who placed blame for the war at the feet of the Jedi Order. The Jedi—unable to stay on Coruscant, where public opinion had turned against them—relocated to the world of their origin, Tython. They quickly found they were not safe there either, and after discovering they were being hunted went into hiding.

Although his Empire was stronger than ever, the Sith Emperor no longer seemed to desire total conquest. There are rumors that he handed over direct control of the Empire to something called the Dark Council. The Dark Lord went on to pursue his own mysterious goals as the Sith consolidated their power. Still, punishment was harsh on those who oppose his rule. There are even more rumors that force users are being “gathered” and brought to the council for unknown reasons.

Now, border skirmishes and proxy wars between the Empire and Republic are erupting, and the uneasy truce between the two foes appear to be on the verge of collapse. These struggles include small battles in the Outer Rim and other rivalries fought by proxy. One such conflict is the Civil War on Ord Mantell between the corrupt planetary government that remained loyal to the Republic and a guerrilla force of separatists wishing to secede.

Although the situation can easily erupt into another galactic conflict, neither side seems ready to wage a full-scale war. The Republic was spending vast amounts of money and manpower into the war relief efforts on the planets still under their control.

Following the destruction of Taris, the Republic took it upon themselves to start the reconstruction process there. Many non republic factions have come here as well to get in on the action, or more correctly, the profit. Whether it is the promise of work, the relocation stipend or the desire to “lay low” for a while, many individuals are making their way to Taris. With all these newcomers, the republic has their hands full maintaining peace, and finds themselves reluctantly relying on Czerka Corp for help. It is whispered by some that Czerka is the main cause of the Republics hardships…


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