Campaign of the Month: April 2008

Chronicles of the Amber Wolfe

Dr. Ven Tor's Encrypted Log


Bit of excitement this evening, more excitement than I really cared for.  After Zy and I's run in with the family of a recent donor, I've decided to tighten up security.  Brought a Duros and a Human aboard for a little extra muscle, and they were worth every credit.  Both crack shots and not hesitant to jump into the fray when need be.  I just didn't expect to need them as soon as I did.

The lot of us were at the Brooding Bantha; I was buying drinks for the two (and doing my best to keep Zy sober), and going over details of what the business entailed.  They clearly weren't accustomed to working for charities, but, I assured them they wouldn't be paid as if they were.  Satisfied with the pay I had given them (Tailan had spent it almost immediately on a new 'deck and a flightsuit), they were more than happy to drink and listen to me drone on.  Or at least pretend to listen to me.  I have no delusions that they don't really care for much of what I have to say.

George was serving, as he did most nights; he pulled up a bit of Taris Fallout, a bitter blue drink, for the group of us, though I gently encouraged him not to serve the Twi'lek girl.  I'd prefer the new hires keep their eyes on the Twi'lek on the stage, rather than the one under my care.  Training in one dicipline or another doesn't take away the fact that she's still young.  George indicated my tab needed to be taken care of, so I rose with Zy to walk to Brood, nodded to her as I often do, slid my cred-chip across the counter.  I was rewarded with a smile from Brood, and, unexpectedly, the was also witness to the arrival of what we were later to determine was a bounty hunter, adorned in mandalorian armor of some variety, and armed to the teeth.

He strode in with a group of local nobodies.  Thugs for hire.  He spoke, when he strode into the room, pointing towards a table towards the back of the Bantha, stating "There's no need for anyone to get hurt," which, in my experience, is always a lie, "I just want those two to come with me".  His finger lay firmly on a pair that I hadn't seen in the Bantha that often.  An Ithorian of some sort, and a human; the Ithorian I paid no mind to, but the human… I could have swore I saw his face before.  He struck me as someone important, but, I couldn't put my finger on it.

Before I could clear my thoughts, and recall who this individual was, Brood was shouting at the hunter, saying "We don't serve your kind here, scum!"  She was thanked for her kind words with a blaster rifle aimed in her direction; she dove for cover just in time. A Gammorean, who had been arguing with Halton (the bouncer of the Bantha) suddenly lifted Halton from the ground, slammed him against the wall, and threw him over the bar; and then joined the bounty hunter's crew's stride towards their bounty.  My crew felt it was time to get involved.

The Duros, Tailan, swung his rifle around, and took a shot at the man in the mandalorian armor.  A shimmer of energy, the sign of a shield powering down, as the blaster bolt hit the hunter.  He quickly returned the favor, connecting with the Tailans' shoulder, as the Duros spun, smoking, to the ground.  I nodded to Zy to go help the bounty, try to help them find cover, as I grabbed a few unfinished drinks from the bar with the intention of introducing them to Tailans' wound.  With copious amounts of Bantha Brainbenders that had been ordered that night, the alcohol content wasn't an issue.  With a scream, Tailan came back around, and I wadded a fistful of gauze into his shoulder, and idly reminded him that he has a personal shield he can activate himself.

Dealing now with the jerks at the front who had ruined a perfectly good drinking session, most of the customers fled – some out the door, some to the bathrooms, some dove over the counter and scurried to the kitchen.  Having cleared out, the few that remained quickly made it apparent that they weren't on our side of the fight.  Brandishing improvised clubs, they started moving towards the bounty as well, striking at my men in their path.  This should generally be regarded as a bad idea, as can be sworn upon by the unfortunate individual with a blaster hole about the size of a fist in his head now.  Wess was just as brutal as the Duros.

As the blasts were exchanged, back and forth (why can't I aim these damned things?!) the bounty hunter decided to deal with us on a more personal level.  Hopping over the bar towards us, dodging and finding cover for most of the bolts, he was on us in a second.  Wess and I had barely managed to shield ourselves from the gout of fire that some device on his wrist spouted.  I left Wess to cope with the bounty hunter, as I dove for cover myself on the inside of the bar, joining Tailan who was already there.

I threw myself into a corner, flicking on my stun baton, just in case someone decided to lean their dumb face over the counter to say hello.  Unfortunately, the first face that I saw coming over the counter was that of the Gammorean.  He charged, and buried his fist into the bar beside my head.  Quickly, in his own tongue, I made the quickest offer of my life.  500 creds if he leaves, 1000 if he helps.   Instead of turning my head into pulp, saw the money to be made, and went to tackle the bounty hunter.  I looked up, and saw Wess firing across the bar, leaning over next to a form that had not moved the entire time this exchange had taken place.  Some haunt that enjoyed this kind of thing, or didn't have the energy to care, I thought.

I couldn't see how things were going on the other side, at the time, but, with the hum of Zy's saber lighting up, I knew things were about to swing in our favor.  I dove out from behind the bar, not wanting any more of the flames, while Wess and Tai lit up the room with blaster fire.  Finding myself behind a table (and encouraging the ithorian and human bounty to do the same), I witnessed the turning of the tides, as most of the rabble fell to blaster fire and saber blows.  If I had the time and resources, I'd happily help with the prosthetics process, but, frankly, I couldn't bring myself to care about lost limbs at this point.

The bounty hunter, who was now struggling with the gammorean, decided that it was time to leave the bums behind, and made for the door.  He dove back across the bar, and sprinted out the door, the heavy doors closing behind him.  When the Gammorean went to persue, he found the door locked tight.  He shrugged at me, not knowing what to do.  With most of the rabble dealt with, I slid him a cred chip of his own.  Wess and Tai took issue with this.  A breif altercation broke out between them and the Gammorean, but, I demanded that they shut up and go back to drinking.

The cleanup before the authorities arrived was quick.  I confirmed the appearance of a firefight between two rival groups of bounty hunters, and Wess changed the security tapes to reflect that.  Wess and Zy attempted to make conversation with the hooded form, who hadn't budged throughout the fight, but, the effort was fruitless.

We finally spoke with the individuals that had the bounty on them; I was correct in thinking they had something to do with the reconstruction.  David Higgans(encrypted) head of the reconstruction here on Taris.  We had apparently impressed the right man.




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