Campaign of the Month: April 2008

Chronicles of the Amber Wolfe

Encrypted Log 080108

Encrypted Log: 080108
User: Unknown

It seems the Republic hired on those thugs that stopped the capturing of the two  some flack for???????????from the reconstruction council. I am  that, I assure you, but it will be returned three fold on them. As my luck would have it, it seems that they made an enemy out of that Gamorrean, Ferd. He started in on them already by sending some goons  they even?????????????after them on the transport. For a minute  managed to kill that Kel Dorrian Doctor. The security video showed him  the ground, some thirty feet below.??????????being tossed through  Unfortunately, it seems he survived with just a broken leg, and bruised pride. They put up a good fight against the Gamorreans though, despite  to????? ?????their lack of team work. Lack of teamwork… hmm maybe I can  my advantage.

This Republic hiring new blood though, it must mean “Czerka” is getting to them. We shall see. I will have to deal  this group if Zobrin fails. Hopefully for their sake he?????????? doesn’t…. Hahaha!

I sent a message to warn ?
?????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????? ???????? ?????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????? ??? for the  ???????? when we worked it???????????? ????? ?????? ????????????? ??????? ???????????? ???? ?????????out for them.  ???????????????????? ???????????????????????????????? ????? ?????????????????????? ???????? ????? ???? ??????????????????????? ?????? ????? ????? ????????????? he’d be smart to take my advice. ???????????????????????

End Encription 5158635

Server run error: Log Not Valid
securitybypass.exe failed



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