Wesly Tsange

Wes is too cocky for his own good, he's loyal and generally nice. Sometimes you just want to punch him though.


Human Scout 2 HP 32
Threshold 14

- Str 10
- Dex 16
- Con 13
- Int 13
- Wis 10
- Cha 8

- For 14
- Ref 17
- Will 12

Trained Skills:
- Endurance
- Initiative
- Mechanics
- Perception
- Pilot
- Stealth

- Long Strider

- Shake It Off [c,b],
- Point Blank Shot [h],
- Precise Shot[c,2],
- Weapon Focus (Rifle) [l,1]

Equipment: Sporting Blaster, Flight Suit, Utility Belt, Long Range Comm[miniaturized], Cred Stick

Personal Shields:
- Melee 10 [3],
- Energy 10 [3]

Energry Cells: Loaded [1]-Sporting Rifle (3/6), Reserve [7]
Power Pack: Reserve [1], Expiremental Med Pac [1], Med Pac [3]


Archive File 0024 3698 8943 6065 40549 3218 7210 2574
Clearance Restricted

Republic Psychological Evaluation 

Evaluator:                     Dr. Tysot Lau, License X72BH
Index Code:                 [H15SG6544002K]
Reason:                        Extreme Mental Trauma Risk
Subject:                        Wesley Tsange of Taris Upper City


            19 year old male, Wesley Tsange was formerly considered a member of the upper class.  His parents' wealth allowed him to live a privileged life.  He was a promising mind and as such he trained to be a talented pilot.  Pressured by his parents to achieve he had abnormally regular complications with authority.  At the time of the Taris incident Wesley was on a training run.  The emotional shock of the loss of friends and family and the destruction of his home world have induced an enigmatic reversal of trauma.  His trauma has additional compounding from his social class change.  Evaluation was unable to prove he provided a specific danger to the republic and he was released into the care of a refugee camp.  Details enclosed.


            Wesley Tange, Son of Jordan and Adair Tsange of Taris was born in the year 3,975 BYY.  He is an only child and a member of the merchant class of the upper city.  He graduated from Taris's famed Kython Academy Flight School and was placed in a Republic Training program, despite his lack of personal interest and disqualification for a handful of infractions against local laws.  He was away on a hyperspace navigation training when the Taris incident occurred.

            The subject describes his time spent before acceptance into the program as ‘more purposeful'.  The subject appears to have a demented view of both responsibility and accomplishments.  By the age of 17 he had become a regular member of underground swoop racing, notoriously associated with gang activity.  He drank, fraternized, gambled, and raced through out the end of his time at the Academy.  His history shows a total disregard for structure, and what he calls "forced behavior".  The subject claims that it is the direction of society to undermine the free-will of its citizens with laws that dictate their actions in grand design, he calls the "corralling of choice".

            The subject's societal reflections connotate an understanding of social systems and include anthropological comprehension of hierarchies.  Yet, when living in the echelon tier of society his associations were in juxtaposition of his standings.  This pattern appears to be a unique manifestation of survivor guilt.  The subject refused to speak of an incident that occurred when he was 13 where a structural failure of a building caused his transport pod to be trapped under one-hundred feet of rubble. 

           Amid the catastrophe, under city scavengers worked their way up from beneath the rubble to loot upper city buildings.  A group of scavengers found his transport pod where he had been trapped for two days.  They took the time to free him and returned him to the upper city safely.  It is my conclusion that this selfless act of a lower caste who was not legally obliged to help but who was in fact breaking the law when his morale decision saved his life – that in perfect system would have been lost - had two impacts on the subject.  First, his survival at the hands of the lower caste when hundreds of others of his caste perished, filled him with guilt.  Second, the reason he survived is because a single individual showed total disregard for the law but upheld the morale composure nonetheless.

           Prior to this incident the subject would have had a power complex from his status in regard to the lower caste.  Once made powerless he felt reduced to their level and could no longer stand to associate with his own class and their apparent god complexes. Furthermore he fought the status quo and authority because subconsciously he knows that total conformity to it would have lead to his death.  This rationale is merely the stepping point that helped him cross the divide.  It was his personal greed, vanity, and desire to re-empower himself, that drove him to fully embrace the path.

           Faced currently with the concept of poverty and the complete disintegration of any caste on Taris, the subject will transpose his ideology.  It is now the remnants of his upper class behaviors, his reluctant decision to enroll in the republic's program that saved him from death, whereby the equality of loss is apparent had he abandoned his parent's wishes.  The seemingly unfortunate fact that his parents wealth was left to charity and not to him should reinforce the logical conclusions of repercussions for rebellion.  Unable to prove himself to his parents, he should seek the constant approval of others, thus leading him to conform to societal norms.

           I am formally recommending that the subject be released from holding to a nearby refugee camp.  While I can not comfortablely recommend relocation to the inner system, the subject poses no greater threat than any other drifter.  His high intelligence and experience with the underground should make him more than equipped to stabilize himself.  While a laborer is a waste of potential, the Republic cannot afford the risk of assimilation of an individual with such a tumultuous history.



                                                Electronic Signature <Secure Sign>

                                                Dr Tysot H. Lau  # X72BH
                                                Senior Republic Mental Health Officer

Wesly Tsange

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