Dr. Ven Tor


Name – Dr. Ven Tor
Player – Jason P.
Class – Noble 2


  • Str – 10
  • Dex – 14
  • Con – 8
  • Int – 16
  • Wis – 16
  • Cha – 12

Feats – Linguist, WP (Pistols), WP (Simple Weapons), Skill Focus (Treat Injury), Surgical Expertise
Talents – Wealth
Skills Trained – Deception, Gather Information, Initiative, Persuasion, Treat Injury, Use Computer, Knowledge (Bureaucracy), Knowledge (Social Sciences), Knowledge (Technology)
Languages – Basic, Kel Dor, Binary, Bocce, Huttese, Rodese

Equipment –

  • Credits – credit chip (500 credits), credit chip (500 credits), credit chip (250 credits)
  • Weapons – knife, stun baton, blaster pistol, stun grenades x4
  • Armor – padded flight suit
  • Vehicles – SoruSuub X-34 Landspeeder (used)
  • Other – long-range comlink (miniaturized, encrypted, holo-capable), datapad, glow rod, fusion lantern, medical kit, surgery kit, all-temperature cloak, power pack x4, power recharger, mesh tape x5, hip holster, datacards x10, 
  • Licenses – blaster pistol, stun grenades, landspeeder
  • Experimental Stim Pack 



To most, Dr. Ven Tor is a criminal, working hand-in-hand with black-market organ-mongers; however, Dr. Ven Tor uses his considerable wealth to research the origins of the organs before making any purchases, making sure that the people that 'gave them up' died of legitimate accidents or had been killed due to their own actions (meaning criminals, and attempted murderers, in most cases). 

Still, Dr. Ven Tor prefers to harvest organs on his own, where he can be sure of the 'donors' actions before he whisks their innards away to those who he feels are more deserving.  Dr. Ven Tor gives his organs on a basis of need – ususally to the poor, who cannot afford transplants from more reputable sources.  He feels this is the noble thing to do, giving the downtrodden a better chance of making it in this harsh 'verse.

Dr. Ven Tor

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