Tailan Kegor


Name – Tailan Kegor
Player – Tim S.
Class – Scoundral 2


  • Str – 10
  • Dex – 18
  • Con –12
  • Int – 16
  • Wis – 12
  • Cha – 8

Feats – Point Blank Shot, WP Pistols, WP Simple Weapons, WP Rifles, Far Shot
Talents – Gimmick
Skills Trained – Acrobats, Galatic Lore, Mechanics, Perception, Pilot, Stealth, Computer Use
Languages – Basic, Durese,  (3 more  languages)

Equipment –

  • Experimental Stim Pack




Tailan is the kind of guy you can hire to get the job done when the local goverments fail to to their jobs. When hostage situations accure and the local law takes their time while hostages are being executed, because some lazy beuricrat wants to do things by the numbers. Tailan is the guy you pay to go in and make up his own numbers. Silent and technically proficient, its over before things began. When you need a quick exit and a pilot with a pair, pick up the comm link and ask for Tailan.

Tailan Kegor

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